Takap stone Industries Office

Takap Stone Industries started its activity in the field of production and sale of building stones in 1972  
. From the beginning, this collection entered this field with the approach of progress and evolution until today, it has been the leader in terms of quality and quantity in the field of production and sales.
In 2011, benefiting from new business principles and the resulting developments, this complex became one of the most reliable factories in Shams Abad industrial town in the field of building stone production, which is still standing high today.
Our mission and our goal

We strive to create a good experience for you by providing the best quality and honoring the position of the customer

Stone production is our specialty for fifty years

Takap is a symbol of the quality of the stone

Seng Tekap Industries strives to supply all its products with the highest quality and the most suitable price, relying on more than half a century of experience in the field of production and sales, as well as honoring the position of the customer.
This collection uses the most accurate stone production devices and technologies 
satisfy the needs of all tastes.
Takap has also been diligent in the field of export and international markets, and by conducting many transactions and exchanges, he has aimed to bring the quality of Iranian and domestic products to the attention and opinion of the international community.
Seng Tekap Industries, with products such as: Hersin marble - Najaf Abad black marble - 
Porcelain stone - Kahram marble - Mehkam marble - Limestone, in dimensions and sizes 
Various: Length - Tile (40*40/60*60/80*80) - Stairs and slabs strives for the best 
It offers quality.


Mr. Mohsen Mokhtari
Tehran office designer/manager
Mr. Sina Hashemi


Sales Manager
Mr. Hassan Mokhtari


Technical affairs technician
Mr. Ali Mokhtari