Nero Marquina Marble

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Nero Marquina Marble

Black marble tiles are used on the floor of the lobby, parking lot, elevator frame, stairs, counter top and on the wall. Black marble slabs are used in the form of formmatch and bookmatch on the wall and for designing luxury places.

It is better not to use this stone in facades that are exposed to direct sunlight because it causes the stones to turn pale.

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Resistant to fire and heat

Marble surface is resistant to high temperatures.

Colors that last throughout history

Marble surface is resistant to high temperatures.

It is a stone with a black background and white lines and streaks, which are in line with its varieties. This stone is known as Najaf Abad black marble in Isfahan province
Black marble is one of the black marbles, which has attracted the attention of most engineers and architects, and they use this stone in interior design and decoration.

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