White Crystal Marble

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Aliguderz porcelain stone can be used in the form of slabs and tiles, formach and book match according to the design and application. Most designers use this stone for the flooring of restaurants and luxurious halls. Due to the reflection of light in this stone, it shows the used facade brighter and gives a special effect to the building.

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Resistant to fire and heat

Marble surface is resistant to high temperatures.

Colors that last throughout history

Marble surface is resistant to high temperatures.

White Crystal Marble

It is extracted from Aligudarz mines in Lorestan province. This stone has a white background on which there are some irregular black and gray lines. One of the characteristics of this stone is its good sandability and its brilliance, and it creates a very beautiful view under the light

White Crystal Marble

Aliguderz porcelain is the whitest marble to enhance the spirit of your building. This marble in several different designs with beautiful and unique streaks shows the power of nature's hands in creating beauty.

White Crystal Marble
White with streaks of different colors
black Crystal Marble
Black crystal with white veins
White Crystal Marble
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