harsin marble

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One of the important features of this stone is its easy maintenance. Strong and acidic detergents are not needed to clean this stone, and it can be easily cleaned and polished with medium cleaning detergents.

harsin marble It has high pressure resistance and can be used on the floors of high-traffic areas such as arcades and shopping centers, and on the other hand, due to the presence of safe minerals and the absence of harmful gases, it can be widely used in health centers and hospitals. used

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Resistant to fire and heat

Marble surface is resistant to high temperatures.

Colors that last throughout history

Marble surface is resistant to high temperatures.

Hersin marble stone

It is one of the best-known and best-selling marble stones in Iran, which is available in cream, beige and light bone colors. Hersin marble stones have a very high sandability, which makes these stones have a shiny and polished surface and doubles the appearance and beauty of the building.
White Harsin
White Hersin with cream streaks made and treated by the hands of nature
Hersin cream
The softness and beauty combined with this stone will give life to your space.
Harsin with startling streaks
Various models and colors of Harsin with high absorbency and good resistance to fire can be the best choice for professionals.
An attractive color palette
Tekap Stone, a specialist in the production of Harsin stone, offers all colors and models of Harsin with the highest quality
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